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Shipping Policy

QCC Policy

Due to the nature of the business and how we have created our website by offering 99% WYSIWYG Corals. As a result, every item is unique and different and we cannot simply replicate things once they’re bought. All items are taken offline as soon as you check out. All sales are final; we cannot simply refund your money if you change your mind. Cancellations will be dealt with on a situational basis. We understand that emergencies can arise and will do our best to make it fair for both parties involved. Thank you for considering Queen City for your Reefing needs.

Important: If corals are dead after a two-hour guarantee, QCC reserves the right to decline DOA coverage. Such cases will be reviewed at management’s discretion. BUYER MUST BE AT THE LOCATION TO RECEIVE DELIVERY, NOT DOING SO VOIDS ALL DOA COVERAGE.

**Queen City Corals are not responsible for carrier delays, lost packages, or other acts beyond our control.

**Fedex delivery is available upon request.

*Local pick up and delivery available.

Why Choose Us?

99% Live Arrival Guarantee
Staff are trained to highest standards of packing corals
Each coral is securely triple bagged and encapsulated in specific specimen containers to ensure live arrival.

Shipping Rates

$34.99-$39.99 Out-of-State Shipping
$24.99 NC/SC Shipping
$299.99 Free Shipping
All packages are shipped UPS Next Day Air Monday-Thursday.
*Cold and Warm Weather Warning* During the cold winter and summer months, high and low temperatures are an issue involved with shipping. Although we pack in an insulated box with 40-hour heat packs or cold packs as necessary. We still recommend sending your package to a UPS or FedEx Facility. We will coordinate with you for your pickup location and will make sure your corals arrive safely to you. In some severe cases, even delaying your order until the weather is clear and safe.