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Some of the best corals for beginners, these are bright coral that add movement and color to your coral reef aquarium!

Beautiful examples of saltwater coral, these are intermediate level live coral that add depth and color to your coral reef aquarium!

The best corals for beginners, soft corals are perfect additions to new coral aquariums or as accents in large, thriving tanks.

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Quality. Colorful. Corals.

Rhayan Celzo
Rhayan Celzo
Kevin was absolutely awesome! He saw I was interested in one of the torch and text me personally to see if he can help with anything. And I ask him to send me a video and he did. But the fact that he reached out to me was awesome. Best customer service hands down Thanks again Kevin!!!
Mark Reep
Mark Reep
Outstanding customer service! Will definitely buy from again.
Mohammed Al-Ani
Mohammed Al-Ani
This website is amazing! I ordered online from them ,they are so helpful and the corals were really nice and healthy, thank you.
Adriana Mason
Adriana Mason
Small family business. Staff very friendly. Very good corals. Convenient if you buy online and select a day for store pick up.
Eddie Lukacevic
Eddie Lukacevic
Ordered a Scoly, it came quickly and was packed very thoroughly. There was also a little freebie in the package! Checked the temps when they arrived and they were perfect and in line with my tank so I was able to drop them right in. Scoly started inflating very soon after adding, and the freebie opened up within minutes. Very happy customer,
Kim Oliver
Kim Oliver
Great staff, location, rewards, and corals. One of the best LSF in Charlotte!
Chad Edwards
Chad Edwards
Stopped by for the first time today and loved the setup. The employees were very knowledgeable and had a ton of high end acros. Definitely recommend!
Katelyn E
Katelyn E
Ordered some acans online and I love them! They shipped with care and arrived on time, thank you!!
Justin Barrett
Justin Barrett
Phenomenal corals! Kevin reached out to me last week when UPS was having issues with shipments to ask if it was ok to delay the order. I’m so glad to order from someone who cares so much that they reach out to their customers personally to make sure their orders arrive safe and sound. I got my corals today and I couldn’t be happier!! They just boosted my nano reef to a whole new level. I will be ordering from them again very soon hopefully! Highly recommended!
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards
Very nice equipment with very nice well kept high end corals. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable about what they have. Corals looked very healthy and pest free.

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