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Yellow Electus Mushroom – (WYSIWYG)


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Whether you’re a seasoned Shroom collector or a Shroom newbie you’ve probably seen the Yellow Electus Mushroom! These incredible Mushrooms are extremely popular because of their phenomenal coloration and ease of care! And right now this fantastic shroom is on sale during our 2-year anniversary sale! Don’t miss your chance to add this showstopper to your tank!

Coral is on a 3/4″ frag plug.

  • Classification: (Softie) Mushroom
  • Level: Beginner
  • Light Level: Low-Moderate
  • Water Flow: Low-Moderate
  • Disposition: Semi-Aggressive
  • Water Conditions: PH:8.1-8.4, 72-78 F, specific gravity 1.023-1.025, dKH 8-12.
  • Placement: Bottom-Middle