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QCC Sherman Rose Anemone (4-5″)


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Anemone is 4-5″ when fully open.

The  Bubble Tip Anemone is a less common color variety of the Bubble Tip Anemone also known as the Four-colored, Bulb Tentacle, Bulb Tip, or Bubble Tip Anemone. As its name implies the enlarged tip near the end of the tentacles is a rich rose to red color that gives the Rose Bubble Tip Anemone an unexpected pop of color sure to add fantastic visual interest to your marine aquarium landscape.

In the wild, Bubble Tip Anemones are typically found in coral rubble, or in solid reefs with their pedal disc attached deep within these rocky structures. When hungry, the Bubble Tip Anemone stretches its tentacles to increase its chances of capturing a meal. When satiated and content, the tentacles shorten and return to its bulbous shape.

The Rainbow Bubble Tip Anemone hosts photosynthetic, symbiotic zooxanthellae algae within its body. Therefore, moderate to high lighting conditions achieved by T-5 fluorescent, powerful LED, or more intense metal halide light fixtures is a must to maintain continued health, bright coloration and its bulbous tips.