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Green Hammer


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Hammer corals are one of the three main Euphyllia coral along with Torches and Frogspawns. Hammer Corals are distinguished by their hammer shaped tips which are very wide compared to the tips of both Torch and Frogspawn corals. Hammer corals require similar care to the other Euphyllia, they like medium flow, medium light and a slightly dirty tank with enough nutrients for them to grow. There are two main types of hammers, Wall Hammers and Branching Hammers. The Wall variety is usually larger but grows slower, they also will often have brighter and more spectacular patterning. The Branching variety typically has smaller heads that grow faster and are able to be fragged. Hammer corals of both varieties come in spectacular colors including orange, gold, blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, peach, rainbow, and even a splattered color morph that has a mix of both green and purple in the tips.