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Fox Coral – (WYSIWYG)


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Fox Coral, Pleurogyra turbida, also known as Jasmine Coral or Ridge Coral, features fleshy and smooth polyps over a ridge-like skeleton. Fox Corals are peaceful, and easy to care for, and should be housed with other non aggressive Corals. This Coral can grow to a maximum of 6 inches, and can be found in a variety of colors in range of green, cream, white, pink, tan or brown. The Fox Coral doesn’t require any supplemental feeding making it a great beginner Coral. Interestingly, some species of Clownfish symbiotically pair up with Fox Coral as their host. Fox Coral is quite fleshy meaning some coral-nipping fish may want a bite so be sure not to house it with Angelfish or Butterflyfish. Fox Coral will propagate easily in the home aquarium so long as there is plenty of live rock for it to grow on. A peaceful coral, Fox Coral thrives best in tanks with moderate to high lighting and moderate flow.