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Fern Caulerpa, (Caulerpa sertularioides), is a prolific grower, that needs proper trimming. Under ideal captive conditions a runner can send 1-2 fronds up a day as it covers one lateral inch. In the wild the growth can be triple-fold. Because of this it is a better candidate for the refugium or sump rather than the display tank, unless you are dedicated to pruning. The runner itself is somewhat thick and can be peeled back when trimming if you use a delicate touch. This is easier done if the caulerpa is contained to the sandbed, refugium, or an isolated rock, rather than in a difficult to access location in your main display. Old growth should be discarded and new growth retained. It will grow well under moderate to bright lighting. Brighter lighting all other things equal will contribute to faster growth, but the plants will generally be paler in color. Taller fronds grow in low flow environments, plants exposed to turbulence tend to remain shorter.

Propagation : The macro grows from a “runner”, a common name for the “root” systems that grows along the substrate. The fronds of the algae grow up from the runner. You can create multiple plants by removing the runner intact from your tank, clipping it in an area that is between two fronds and replanting the two new pieces back into the tank. This macro can be safely superglued, or tied down with fishing line to hold it in place, but most people bury the runner gently below the sand, until rhizomes are able to anchor it into place naturally. This macroalgae is readily consumed by Tangs and Angels, French Angels in particular go nuts for it.