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Burning Leptostrae



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Leptastrea are part of the LPS or large polyp stony corals which is a little non-intuitive given their small polyp size compared to other LPS such as single polyp monsters like Acanthophyllia or Scolymia. But in terms of care they fit right in with their LPS peers. As with all propagated corals there are many attractive named morphs available on the market right now. These morphs are given names to help identify different color varieties and the colors tend to have something to do with the name although that isn’t always strictly the case. One of the most popular has to be ‘John Deere’ with its Emerald Green rims and bright yellow/orange centers as per the John Deere logo. Others to keep an eye out for are our ‘Ice Blue’, ‘Purple and Green’ and ‘Burning Ember’. It is pretty much guaranteed that once you have one Leptastrea you will start hunting out another morph to add to your collection, they can be pretty addictive and look great kept together.