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Thank you for taking the time and considering us for all your saltwater needs. Our goal is to be able to spend quality time with you to help determine what best suits your needs. We pride ourselves in offering non-biased advice and always making sure you’re getting the proper information to ensure a thriving reef tank. At our facility, you will get

  • Personalized Consultation
  • Order pickup and add ons to your online purchase
  • Water testing and Tank planning
  • Aquarium service planning and Custom tank installations

Saltwater and RO/DI Water is always available. Saltwater is $1 Per Gallon and RO-DI is $.50 Per Gallon. 

At the QCC, we strive to have the best quality specimen. If there is a particular coral or fish you’re looking for, we would be very happy to order it for you! We have a price match guarantee and will beat any local fish store in the area! We also believe in QUALITY, not quantity. We will order your fish and even quarantine it for you!